Monday, August 4, 2014

Design Wall Monday 04 August 2014

While I'm still away from my home design wall I'm not getting any sewing in. But I will show the newest project I started when I was at quilt camp.  I'm going to pretend it's on my design wall.  I have one block done. The pattern has 30 blocks.
I have all the pieces cut, having actually cut them back in May or June in advance preparation for quilt camp not knowing where I'd be when.  This is a quilt pattern from the November 2000 issue of The Quilter Magazine by Lucy Fazely called Subtle Charm.

While at quilt camp, we had gone into Sisters to The Stitchin Post.  There, I found this acrylic template tool that became a big help in getting the quarter-square triangles to play nicely.  It was one of those providential finds as when I saw it, I only thought "Oh this looks like a handy tool" not realizing it would be useful to this project as I had not yet begun stitching this project.  What is this tool you ask?  You are asking aren't you?
 The acrylic tool is a Point Trimmer.  The tool has a copyright date printed on it of 1996.  How could this tool have been around for that long and I have never seen it before? 
These are some of the QSTs both prior to trimming and after.  With as many as I have to trim, I admit it will be time consuming to trim them all, but after sewing them together as seen in the picture of the block, it will be well worth the time spent to do so.

I have checked at other quilt shops for another one without success.  They do however, appear to be available at this website: Judy Martin.

There have been a couple of shop hops going on.  I've managed to get but two from each, and that's about all I'll get.  The one on the left is the Row by Row and it's going on I believe into/through September.  The other, however, was a much shorter one and ended this past Saturday.  This had to be the busiest week since I've been back in the Northwest and we couldn't find a day to get to the shops in some of the other towns.  Since I'll be headed south again on Thursday, I won't be getting any of the rest of the Row by Row, though I will be back the end of August, so maybe I will.  I'll have to check as to where the other locations are that are participating in that shop hop. 
I think I'm all caught up now, at least on those things I can still take part in with my crazy life right now.  I am SO looking to be home with my guys, even if it is for only a little over two weeks.

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  1. I was going to comment on your points, even before I got to the part about the trimmer. I think I have 3! I keep losing them, then they reappear. My problem is I never had the instruction sheet handy and have to twist and turn to see which corner I'm supposed to use. Definitely a handy gadget.


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