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Stash Report Week 24, 2014

Since I'm on my computer and just finished a post for Saturday (it's still Saturday), I thought I'd get a jump on getting my Stash Report ready for Sunday...but you won't see it until I guess it IS Sunday, got it?  

Used This Week: 0 yards 
Used Year to Date: 0 yards  
Added This Week: 37.5 yards  
Added Year to Date: 0 yards  
Net Used for 2014: -38.60 yards                  
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While I was still up north in the wet land (could use some of that here in the south right now), my aunt and I took a day away and traveled up to Tillamook.  In Tillamook, there is a wonderful quilt store called Jane's Fabric Patch.  This store is one of my favorites. I thought I'd written about Jane's in an old post over at DOOW, but see that I only mentioned it as a comment in a photo here. It has a huge amount of fabric.   One room is books and magazines, another is Christmas and other holiday themed fabric.  A large, well-lit room is used as a class room, but also has fabrics, many of which are discounted to $3 / yard!  There's an area dedicated to DMC floss and embroidery - might also have had some knitting stuff in there, but since I don't knit I didn't pay attention.  It's all housed in an old two-story house that is now (as it was then) painted hot pink - sorry I didn't get a picture. 

Additions from Jane's
These days, when I shop for fabric, it's mostly keeping in mind what I might use to enhance my scraps or what I can use as backgrounds or what I can use for neutrals, or whatever just jumps out at me at the time.  Jane's requires multiple visits because frankly, I think too much is missed in just one.  Upstairs is the "clearance" area with books, magazines, fat quarters, etc.  There is a bathroom on each floor.  Just thought I'd add that in case you were wondering.  At Jane's, I found 10.5 yards of fabric that came home with me: FQs, 1, 2, 3-yard pieces and a 2.75 yard piece that was a finish-the-bolt.

From Jane's, my aunt knew of another store that she'd been to in the past.  This one was out of town, near Cloverdale, and also housed in a house, but operated entirely out of the basement, while the upper floor is a residence.  We had to use Garmin to find it, and from the highway, you drive up a narrow, graveled single car wide 'private' road.  Charming!  This store is BJ's Fabrics and Quilts and a write-up can be found here.  I enjoyed this store as well.  They have a great selection of fabrics and offer (at least at the time we were there) a free pre-cut of fabric with the purchase of two pre-cuts of fabric.  The pre-cuts were located throughout the store and were of various sizes from FQs to over a yard.  At BJ's, I found a total of 10 yards of fabric to bring home and add to the mix.  The ranged from FQs to two-yard pieces.

Additions from BJ's
After our quilting purchases we continued traveling south having passed Pacific City, into Lincoln City where we had lunch from a wonderful little stand called Jay's Fish & Chips, and on down past the Newport bridge where I had to drop off a VCR tape at my step-sister's.  We then went back to Newport where I located the cemetery where my grandparent's are buried and located their headstones.  We stayed long enough to snap a couple of photos before heading back.  

All the while during our day away, we had wonderful weather of sunshine and clouds but no rain or drizzle, and very little wind - just enough to see some kites flying along the beach and with temps in the upper 60s.  Very pleasant.  The next day in the valley, it poured rain a couple of times amidst the scattered showers.

Additionally, my aunt gathered up all her fabric scraps and passed them my way.  I've laundered them, and dealt with the thread nests created with smallish pieces.  They now fill a large round fabric tub, and there were a couple larger pieces which were measurable, and those amounted to a just over 1 yard piece plus four pounds of pieces.  


Some of the scraps were cotton/poly so those had to be eliminated.
Trimmed off nests of threads from those scraps after laundering.  This may become my new header background if I can remember how to change it.  It DOES look like Webs of Thread :)

Now, if I calculate correctly, having weighed a yard of fabric at around 4 ounces (some heavier ones are 5 ounces), divided into 4 pounds (16 ounces per pound) that comes out to more than 16 yards of fabric in scraps!!  I suppose I should add that in my numbers too!   That sure adds to my stash :).  She has also sent me a notice that she's found some more to send my way!  I'd better get some flimsies done so that I can show something USED and DONE this year.

While in the Northwest, I had a very real opportunity to go see Bonnie K. Hunter (Quiltville) when she was in Portland, but I lacked the courage to drive that far for an evening in an unfamiliar area alone.  Yeah, I know, me, who travels alone 890 miles each way every four weeks or so.  But the key is, it was unfamiliar with total strangers, and I am still a bit shy, so long story short, I missed my opportunity to see her presentation in person and yes, I'm kicking myself in the backside.  Well, maybe she'll return some day or I'll have another opportunity.

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