Saturday, May 17, 2014

Slightly Disappointed, or Not?

Today I received my eBay purchase of the yard of fabric I mentioned yesterday.  It only took two days, or was it three? to get here from a state in the east.  

One of the difficulties of buying online is with color.  Though I had read the description, in which she did refer to it as 'golden' in color, I was truly hoping her description was off, and the image was accurate.  You see, the extra yardage I was looking for is more 'tan' than 'golden, but in the picture at eBay, it looked JUST LIKE my tan and the colors in the selvedge color circles all looked the same as well.

Unfortunately (well, maybe, maybe not) the new yardage truly is 'golden' and my yardage truly is 'tan', so they are not the same.  However, it is the same pattern, and the same Moda Bed of Roses by Robyn Pandolph.  Here is the picture of them side-by-side:

What's really funny, is even here on my computer, with having taken this photo myself, the 'golden' one looks more 'tan' and the 'tan' one looks more 'taupe', but even so, they are not the same color.  Now, my decision will be, when I finish the top, of which I had enough fabric for all but the outer border without this new piece, to either go ahead and incorporate it as the outer border or find something else hopefully close in color to the 'tan'.  I will have to wait and see when I have the top ready by putting it on my design wall and auditioning this new yardage next to it.  It may ultimately be just what it needs to perk up an otherwise mostly drab set of fabrics...we shall see.

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