Monday, May 12, 2014


Well now, the last you heard from me about anything to do about quilting was with my giving up on Twisted Sisters, at least for now, and until I can really put some mental energy into figuring out MY problem with it.

In the mean time, I'll be heading north again on the 19th.  That's just a week away, and my sewing time while I've been home - three weeks so far, has only amounted to about three hours.  I don't expect to be doing any more during the next week. 

With planning, I'm trying to include Quilt Camp again, which will be the perfect get-away from both the northern and the southern responsibilities.

What I can do this next week is decide what I want to work on while at Quilt Camp.  Do I want to work on one or more of my unfinished projects?  I have many.
 There are these two stacks in the closet.
 There's this stack in the closet.  Most of these are flimsies or close to it, so maybe they wouldn't be the best projects for Quilt Camp.  After all, I'm allowed only a certain amount of table space.
 Or I could find yet another brand new project from these books above,
 or from these binders filled with projects from magazines that I culled through some time ago,

or from any one of these magazines I choose to keep intact.
But then, there's a few of these ongoing projects that still have a fair amount of piecing to be done.  These are only three bins of probably at a half dozen or more I have scattered here in the Sanctuary.  The clear bin on the right also has purchased patterns in it, so I could make a selection there.

The possibilities are endless, and as much fabric as I have, I look at the fabric shelves and think they're looking a bit on the skimpy side.  But maybe that's just because I really would like to have a stash enhancing experience.  With Marty starting back to a real career-related job on 5/19, I may allow myself to do just that and buy some fabric while I'm in the northern wet land.  I'd better get crackin' if I'm going to make any progress.

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  1. You've got a lot to choose from. If I were in your position I think I'd pick something that would give me the biggest lift, even if it's something entirely new, just to get you back in the swing of sewing. You deserve a lift!


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