Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's Starting To Come Back To Me

I don't know about you, but when my life gets disrupted, as it has over the last few months with my Mom's illness and passing and being away from home so much, I can forget what was in motion prior to the disruption.  That was evident with my Design Wall Monday post where I couldn't remember the what and why about the tiny 9-Patch units that were pinned to my wall.

Scrolling back through my blog to the end of January I discovered that the project was actually my Let's Book-It  project for January (check here) and was not part of a leader/ender project.

Last night after I re-discovered this, I pulled the book and the container of parts-in-works and sewed for about two hours.  Aside from hemming a pair of my dad's pants in March, this is the first machine stitching I've done since about 1/31.  It was good, but I have to admit, it's taking some time to really feel like I'm totally back.  That may be because I know I'll be leaving again towards the end of the month.
An array of 9-Ps without the 2 3/4" 'solid' alternating squares
For this project, I had determined I need to make 312 9-P units in addition to the solid squares to make the size of quilt I wanted.  I have 82 blocks done, a good start, but that leaves a lot left to do.  

For the summer up north, I will have to decide if I want to, and can afford to, take part in Quilt Camp like I did last July.  Part of that decision involves figuring out how much time to spend there and here between trips.  And if I do go, I need to start planning projects and getting myself organized with my supplies. 

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