Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This Old Quilt

In sorting through my Mom's things, I came across this old quilt.  It was folded and shoved into the very back of a built-in drawer beneath her closet.

 It's clearly been well-used and appears to be a simple, utilitarian quilt.  It has no bindings and was put together using the pillow-case method of sandwiching.
 The batting appears to be a plain, white flannel blanket.  It was tied, not quilted with stitching.
 While it seems 'familiar', I have no true recollection of it from childhood. 
 The only piecework was from the maker taking lengths of yardage and precisely, and I mean precisely, matching the printed squares of the yardage, and adding the border.
The backing is yardage pieced to fit.  With Mom gone, I know nothing of this quilt, having not even known of it's existence.  It may have been made by her mom, as Grandma had made quilts for all of us grandkids (and maybe her own kids) back in the 1970s, but those were from feedsacks and were pieced blocks where this one is not, so its origins remain a mystery.  My paternal grandmother also did some quilting, so it may have come from her, but we'll never know.  In those days, labeling utilitarian quilts wasn't common.  For some reason though, Mom saved this one even in the poor condition it's in.  There are quilts in photos, but not of this one, and I remember a Grandmother's Flower Garden, but it was not saved anywhere. 

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