Monday, January 27, 2014

Design Wall Monday, No.4, 2014

I would love it if these weeks would slow down a little.  I feel I'm spinning my wheels more than I'm accomplishing the things I try to focus on.  

Well, still on my actual design wall is Celtic Solstice, and I need to get the borders put on so that I can take part in the final link-up on that this coming Sunday.

Also still on my design wall is a row of six individual Sister's Choice blocks.  I do like them just hanging up at the top next to the ceiling rather looking like a wall-paper border.

My non-design wall has two other projects in work, yep two of them!  The first of which I wrote about last Monday is the one with the itty-bitty little 9-patch blocks, you'll recognize the photo above.  The other is from a pattern I've had around since a guest speaker spoke at our guild half a dozen or so years ago. Without further ado, I shall post a couple pictures of that one.  

L-R block sets cut, center for all blocks, and strip sets awaiting the rotary cutter.

L-R: a couple of finished blocks, the block centers, and the same stack of block sets.
By the time I get around to posting, there's usually already a large number of folks who've linked-up at Patchwork Times showing what they're working on.  Head on over there if you haven't already been there.  If I ever get organized (laughing up my sleeve) I'll have my post ready a day ahead of time and then I'll only need to link-up!  Not holding my breath!

Enjoy the day, it's time for me to sew now that I spent all morning in the kitchen and running an errand or two.

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  1. Love your Celtic Solstice! Yep, I am in the same boat: first need to sew the CS top together, then add borders for the Feb 2 link up. Happy sewing!


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