Sunday, December 1, 2013

Well, Shoot!!

After all these years of piecing and quilting, you'd think I'd learn.  Nope!  

What is it I should have learned?  I'm sure you're asking that.

See this picture below?  This picture of one of the units for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt 2013?  Notice how far off it is at that end?  Yeah! That far!  And that is just not acceptable, not to me, and maybe not to you either!  Back to what I need to RE-learn, again, and yes that's redundancy in that I need to REDO!  All of them!!!  

3.5" x 3.5" ... um, not quite!

I need to relearn to always, always, always either make a test block, or at the least confirm my measurements within the first half-dozen units.  Grrrr, I'm so mad at myself.  My seam allowances are off...even though they were working perfectly for the Sister's Choice blocks I was working on the past couple of weeks - go figure.

I'll be spending the next however many hours removing my stitching, being careful of those bias edges, remeasuring each piece to make sure I haven't stretched them out, cutting new pieces if I did, and restitching, and measuring as I go.  In fact, I just may measure every single unit before going on to the next. I had all of them sewn which took about eight hours.  On top of that I managed to end up with four extra orange triangles, so where did I mis-count...again...questioning my math, or my ability to count.

I have this little guy keeping me company for this project.  He's going to be my Celtic Solstice mascot.  I don't normally like monkeys, but he's still really cute.  He's wearing a tie covered with bananas.  Adorable.  His little hands have Velcro, so there's no telling where he might be hanging out in the future.  Here, he's praying, because, face it, I could use some prayer about now after botching all these triangle units!  He needs a name, I just need to come up with one.

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