Saturday, November 30, 2013

November NewFO

Yes, it IS hard to believe it's already time for posting about our November NewFO's, but indeed it is.  I'm linking up to Barbara's Cat Patches.

I've kept you up to speed on my progress on this latest project, so I'll just re-link some of the previous pictures of Sister's Choice.  It is a selection from Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville blog.  She provides instructions for some wonderful scrappy quilts.  (The pattern is here, along with her pictures.)

 The review:
Corner squares
Sets ready to sew
9-patch units
Star-point units
Star-point unit pressed and grouped in sets of 4
A completed block
Another completed block
28 finished blocks

I have 33 blocks finished.  I need 72, but think I've planned for 77 (there's that math problem again).  It's better to have more than less I suppose.  Or, maybe I'll turn it into two quilts.  I'm already surprised at how large it seems on the design wall, but then I left a little space between each block.  If I put a narrow sashing in, then I likely will make two, or not.  I will continue to work on it though I'm working on the mystery quilt (Quiltville) too.  There's time for both, right?


  1. Looks beautiful - and you are so organized about your blocks! Mine seem to end up everywhere when I'm working.

  2. I really like that block. Good old nine-patch with a star. What could be better than that?


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