Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Looking Back

2013 is rolling to a close like a runaway train.  We're two weeks from Christmas, then another week and it's New Years.  Too quickly I say, just too quickly.

I'll let these pictures show the past year:

O Christmas Tree, quilt class in March

Leader/Ender sets


Finishing Lois' quilt

Lois' quilt

Simple Tribute II

Spools, leader/ender units

Still looks like this

Nick graduated 8th grade

String blocks

Oh what a mess

Sisters in July

Quilt room, aka Sanctuary, under remodel


Tessellating Ts

Nick looking a bit like one of the Duck Dynasty dudes and Aunt Irene






There was cooking

Sister's Choice
There's been so much more and to see some of the processes of my quilt piecing projects, you'd have to head back over to my Duck Out of Water archives and browse.

I'm still meeting with my quilt student almost every week, though I have to say, she hasn't done much quilt work lately, and I haven't taught much, but we've sure been having a nice time chatting!

Tonight, I'm tired, so I'll just take in some TV and maybe play a game on the computer while I do, and tomorrow I hope to make some progress on Celtic Solstice and be ready for Friday's Step 3. 

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