Monday, December 16, 2013

Callie's Been Busy

My Celtic Solstice buddy has been busy helping me out.  She put these block units up on the design wall.  Hmm, is there a star in this plan?  We'll have to wait until the reveal, but in the meantime, Callie's making sure I keep up...well, mostly.  My units from Step 1 are done.

My units from Step 2 are done, oops, all but one.  I seem to be half a chevron unit short.  Should I look under the desk?  Did Callie hide it from me?  Maybe Raven or Flame (aka Klepto-Kat) ran off with it.  Nah, likely I just mis-counted, you know my reputation for coming up short on my counts.  I think I have five extra HSTs though.

My Step 3 units, are in process.  I finished one unit and Callie snatched it right up and pinned it to the design wall.  See it there in the center of that one set-up she made to look like a star?  These little pinwheels are way cute, I like them!

I also noticed that one of my fabrics there, the one with the swirls in the tannish-orange is the same as one Bonnie Hunter has in hers.  Do you notice things like that on occasion?  With all the scrappy love she puts out, it's a high probability that we'll see familiar fabrics that we share in our stashes.  Love scrappies :)

I almost forgot, this needs to get linked up, so head over to Quiltville and see how others are doing.  Hah! you probably got here from there and have already seen them, way before I was able to get to my Sanctuary and my computer today!


  1. I definitely notice the fabrics - it is part of the fun to find fabrics you have a bit of yourself.

    The pinwheels are cute. I finished mine today, so I'm very happy that I can get on with some other sewing before another clue arrives.

  2. I wish I had time to participate in this QAL Mystery Quilt. It is looking quite interesting! Can't wait to see the reveal.


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