Monday, November 18, 2013

Blog Housekeeping / Frustrations

OK, is it me? Am I really dense? I just don't get it? Blogger changing things?  I hope this is the only non-quilty post I have to make here!

On my Duck Out of Water blog, I have the "Join This Site" button / link / whatever it's called so that you all can follow me near the upper left, and when I look at the layout page where we add gadgets, on Duck Out of Water, it's referred to as "Configure Followers List". 

Now, here on Webs of Threads, I go to the layout page, select 'add gadget' and do not see that option any where!  What IS there instead(?) is "Google+ Followers New" which I'm assuming is the replacement gadget, I may be wrong.  I started to 'sign up' for that but got to the point where it told me I didn't want to do that if I blog under a pseudonym...which is what I do!  So how do I make it easy for you all to follow me?  Is the only option left for you to scroll all the way to the bottom of my blog page to where it says "Subscribe to"posts (atom)"", or to subscribe in the 'subscribe to' box?  

Does anyone who's more tech-savvy have any ideas?

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