Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Catch-up

My aunt arrived on Wednesday the 18th, and left before noon yesterday.  The time passed all too quickly.

We went to Road to California (quilt show/expo) the day after she arrived.  It had been several years since I'd been to the show, and she had never been.  In some ways we were quite disappointed.  We are both traditional style quilters, and there were few of those, and of those that were there, they were hanging high up from the rafters in the entry hall, so hard to look at closely (or by those of us with vertigo).  There were a gazillion vendors, but neither of us were inclined to spend much time with them, so we only spent a couple hours there, jostling elbows with the rest of the opening day crowd.

I will say, the Lord gave us great days on which to travel - in both directions, Thursday & then Saturday - in between nasty rain storms as we traveled on to San Diego straight from R2C and then back home.  We had a nice visit with my cousin and his wife in the San Diego area.

Most of our time was spent just hanging out and chatting at home, but we did go to one museum, and a large quilt store.  She had never been to a Hobby Lobby and since we had one open in Oct/Nov, we spent a chunk of time perusing every aisle there along with a trip to Walmart to do some grocery shopping.

During my aunt's visit, I spent no time at all in my Creation Station, but dug out all of my quilt tops and WIPs and gave her a private showing at her request.  Now I need to refold a few to fit back in their respective boxes, and lug them all back upstairs to the closet they hibernate in.  There are also a few household chores to get caught up.  

In part, she came down from the Northwest to get away from the snow, rain, ice & cold, and what happens, we have lots of rain, and cold (though still a good 20º warmer than her home), and our furnace decided to go on the fritz for a couple days and it was considerably cool in the house.  We used the fireplace, and Marty went out and bought a couple space heaters, and we layered up.  Now, if some of my quilt tops were quilted, we really could have been warm!

Apologies for no photos, but I only took two at R2C, and I don't think I got any of my aunt while she was here, though I had intended to.

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  1. R2C has been on my bucket list for a long time. So disappointing that the traditional quilts got short shrift. I have found the smaller regional and guild shows much more enjoyable lately, for many of the same reasons you gave.


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