Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday Link-ups Again

Linking up with both Patchwork Times (Design Wall Monday) and Quiltville (Mystery Monday).

Today has been busy.  First thing was a dentist appointment to seat a permanent replacement crown, then shopping at Walmart, home to put it all away, and then finally we made it out to get a Christmas tree.  Just in time too, I'd say.  The lot was ready to close up, un-decorate and head home for the season!  I'm guessing I'll be decorating a tree this afternoon/evening once the boxes are brought down from the garage loft.  

On to the quilty business at hand.

I worked on En Provence this week...right along with what seems to be half the quilters in the world.  
Spike units
I got busy and did all the Spike units, but do you notice anything?  These are the leftovers.  I sat down to start sewing, and realized I didn't pay attention when I cut.  ALL but a few were cut for one side only.  I hadn't laid my fabric down correctly when I cut so all were the same; only a few opposite sides were cut.  Back to the cutting mat!  Those top fabrics look blue, but they are purple.  Don't they make you hungry for blue-berry pie though?
Part 4 Unit
Sewing these Part 4 units, I must not have been as careful as when I did the Part 2 units.  About 14 of them needed to be re-worked, so they were un-sewed, and resewn more carefully.  Then I sliver-trimmed them all and all is now well.

Ongoing rounds of consecutive units.
Adding a round of the unit 4 to the previous three rounds has toned down the purples/lavenders from Part 3, even though it added more purple.  Friday seems so far away at this point.  I wonder if we'll be cutting into both the yellows and greens, more neutrals, or lavenders.  And what shape will the next step take?


  1. They look good all together, don't they?

    There's got to be some half or quarter square triangles soon!


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