Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Prize Arrived

On Monday, the books I won from Quilter's Newsletter arrived.  I wasn't home when they came, but when I got home and came into my Creation Station, there the parcel was, laying on my desk.

Here are the books I received:
Easy Weekend Quilts
 I can see making a number of quilts in this book, including this one shown on the cover. 
Simple Shape Quilts
 This one too, has some in it that appeal to me.  All are truly simple and would work up quickly.
Quilt Retro
This one has only a couple that appeal to me, particularly one called Linoleum Floors.  I grew up with linoleum floors; never had carpet until I moved away from home and my apartment had the variegated green shag...who remembers that awful stuff?  We "loved" it back then.
T*Shirt Quilts Made Easy
The last book, is this one on making quilts from T-Shirts.  My boat doesn't float with this one, but I'll have to look at it a little closer and then make a decision as to whether to keep it or pass it on.

A big thank you to Quilter's Newsletter for this give-away.  They frequently have give-aways.  One with fabric was recently offered (now closed) but I couldn't enter because of my win within 90-days - their policy.   


I've not sewn much over the last two weeks as I've been working on a different organizational project.  On Monday, before meeting up with Panda, I pressed and trimmed some of the units for Part 2 of Alllietare.  I still have more to trim, then I can add the rectangle that makes it look a bit like a Santa hat.  Our progress is slow.  Panda had gone out of state for a week so we didn't meet on the 7th, and since she wasn't home she hadn't done much sewing either, so we're both at about the same place as each other.  I will have to make an intentional effort to make some progress.  There's so much to do on my organizational effort and I'm really focused on it, so sewing is taking a back burner for the most part for now.

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  1. Congratulations on your win! I enter most of their weekly giveaways, but you are the first of my blogging friends (that I know of) who has won. Nick might want one of those t-shirt quilts someday, better hide that book quick!


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