Monday, May 11, 2015

Design Wall Monday, Spacing Out

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.  

Part of the day, I spent pulling scrap strips for the binding for Tiddly-Winks.  I'm a long way from quilting it, but I like to get the easy parts done when I can.  The binding is sewn together; various lengths of many different colored fabrics.
It looks like just a pile of strips, but the strips are sewn together for the binding.
From the beginning of the project I had a fabric chosen for the backing.  It doesn't at all 'match' the front of the quilt, unless you think round shapes of the planets as being the same as the round shapes of the Tiddly-Winks.  Some of them are the same size as you can can see by the 2.5" square ruler placed on the fabric for scale.
Space / planet fabric.  I originally used this in my son's Stack 'N' Whack quilt, oh so many years ago and have plenty leftover for the backing.  From the pieces remaining, I may even be able to get away with a single seam to make it work.
My daughter said Thane will love having planets on the back of his quilt.

Tiddly-Winks flimsy.  It measures 42.5" x 54".  Perfect size for a four-year old.
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