Saturday, April 11, 2015


My apologies for the tremendous lag-time in posting; I just haven't been up to writing and taking pictures, or even quilting, but I have been still organizing my quilting records and trying to get my motivation back in gear.

Over a week ago, I had 'entered' a give-away on Facebook at an 'almost' local quilt shop's FQ give-away, and I only remembered to check back today, and....I WON!!  So I'll be making that drive sometime next week.  I had one some FQs from them two years ago and picked them up at the quilt show where they were at that time.  Maybe this will if I really needed any more new fabric!

I still have my vertigo, but the other test I underwent showed no real issues, other than triggering an asthma-like attack...seems to happen after exercise and after inhaling laundry prewash spray.  

Hope you all are keeping busy with your quilting!

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