Thursday, January 8, 2015

Slow, Yes Really Slow!

I'm sure glad this Grand Illusion thing isn't a race, because I'd be losing big time!  I found the reveal exciting and the quilt is gorgeous - aren't they all? - but good golly Miss Molly, I am flat out struggling to stay focused on getting it to the flimsy stage.  

I'm pinning alot to try to get as close to perfect on the points - no easy task since I seem to have every seam of every unit off by a thread...or a few or more.  

After the reveal was released, I pinned up one block, sashings and cornerstones.
All the sashings ready to be joined.

Progress on those sashing sets.
I added an aqua square to the end of the sashing strips.  I reserved an aqua square for the final end of each row.
Eight of the basic blocks set out on the design wall.  The 9-patch-constructed-units within the block have not yet been sewn together.  As I placed the parts on the wall, I found I was taking a lot of time making sure that not too many of the same fabrics were in each block.  It was really frustrating me.  I think I actually like this look, without the greens, but I will finish as Bonnie designed...besides, what would I do with all those sashing units?  Make a separate quilt maybe?  Hmmm.  Could happen. 

So, I then removed those eight from the wall, stacking them in their appropriate positions on my table.  From there, I tossed all the remaining units (of the same type) into a bin and basically closed my eyes and counted enough to reach the required number.  They were then placed on the table in their respective places.  I repeated this process until  I had the equivalent needed for all the large blocks.
Bin of broken dishes units.

Here's where some of my perfection was, well, anything BUT perfection.  As they say, rippit, rippit, rippit.

The central part of the overall block is now in three rows, ready to be sewn together.

The top and middle are now sewn together.  The remaining row was all pinned, and I sewed a little over half, but have run out of steam for now.  Tomorrow's another day!
I readied the inner border even before tackling the blocks and wrapped it around a section of wrapping paper tube.
So much to do, so little time; less than two weeks before I head back north.  I'm beginning to think that having this reach the flimsy stage may not happen until after I get back.

Linking up at Quiltville...even if I am later than everyone else :)

(edited 2-4-15 to remove some numbers)

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  1. It is looking very nice, Lee. I wasn't quite as much of a perfectionist as you on this one. I have a few points that don't match too well, like the one you ripped out.


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