Monday, December 15, 2014

Design Wall and Grand Illusion

Clue #3 for Grand Illusion arrived on Friday - something I'm sure most are aware of by now - and the first thing I did was print out the clue as well as save it to my computer.  I do that with all of Bonnie's mystery quilts  - well, at least the ones I've done, as well as one I wanted to do but didn't - it was right about the time I 'discovered' Quiltville. 

As anxious as I was for this release, for some reason I struggled with getting moving on it.  It was a much easier clue than the first two, but still took me about as long to get it done, but done it is, except for the pressing open of the gazillion units.  I'll leave you now with just a few photos of mine, and I will be linking at both Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday, and at Quiltville for the Grand Illusion Mystery Monday link-up.
This is an assortment from the first two clues; three separate components: half-square triangles, an hour-glass 4-P block, and doubled diamonds. 

Clue #3 gave us these, but these are only half of the finished unit.  What? No, wait! Oops, these are mistakes - did you catch that I sewed the two greens side by side whereas the neutral square should be between the greens?...a little unsewing only to resew correctly did the trick.

A gazillion 1/2 units.  the 1/2 is 1/2 too many - oops. .

And finally, a selection of the finished units. 
I haven't tried playing around to see how Bonnie might have these for a final layout, I think we're missing too many pieces yet.  

I've been trimming (Bonnie's system) any smaller pieces as I work each unit - hoping that will keep my leftover scraps tamed to the point of only having a little to tend to when this project is finished.

My iron awaits, so off to press these units and then I can be busy with wonderful housework (I jest on the latter.).


  1. Your collection of the first two clues blocks looks like a school of fish. :) It's fun to see everyone's fabric choices. Lovely.

  2. Hi lee, Thanks for joining my GFC, 'I'll return the favor ! Un-sewing ? Yes I know something about that with this mystery quilt ! On the double diamond units...I sewed the wrong corners and realized after I cut the bonus unit I had to come up with more fabric. But it worked out fine. This is the first mystery quilt I've joined in on. The lesson learned so far attention to her pictures ! Aren't these QAL's great ! Your fabrics are perfect. Have a blessed day.

  3. Looking good, I too did a bit of unsewing here and there!

  4. Your greens are great. I had a few oopses but the practice is really good for my sewing. I also love your banner photo.

  5. Lookin' good, Girlfriend! So glad you caught your mistake before it was too late!

  6. Well they look great now, Lee!


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