Monday, November 17, 2014

Design Wall Monday

While I don't officially have anything on my design wall, I have been playing with fabric scraps.  

Way back in early summer - seems like only yesterday - my aunt gave me a whole heaping bunch of scraps.  I sorted through them and fire-tested for cotton and ridded the bunch of any with polyester in them.  I then washed them all, yep, including the itty bitty pieces and strips and strings and chunks...all of it because she doesn't pre-wash, and nothing comes into my quilt room and stash if it isn't washed.  An exception is made for precuts of which I have very few and they're in plastic, just can't see paying extra to buy something I can cut myself.
A handful of this all crumpled up and messy ..... this, mostly trimmed and pressed flat.
A bunch still in the bottom of paper grocery bag - there were two full bags, pressed down.
These are all various sizes of half-square triangles....
....gathered and stacked to help flatten before pressing...
...and pressed ...
a growing pile
There were two fat quarters and a whole lot of pieces smaller along with full width strips of various sizes.  All are a nice addition to my scrap bins, so now, on to the sorting and cutting...making my own pre-cuts ;p

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  1. Are you cutting with a project in mind or just your favorite shapes and sizes?

    1. Favorite shapes & sizes based on Bonnie Hunter's (Quiltville) Scrap User's System.


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