Friday, February 7, 2014


I sure wish I could be playing with fabric!  Withdrawals are not fun, and especially not so when it's a necessary reason.  

My machine and a couple of projects threw themselves into the car with me, but I've spent most of my time at the hospital so they've just been patiently waiting at the house.  I have a hand project I could do, but I need to unpack it and refresh my mind as to where I'm at and what needs to be done before I'm willing to bring it along with me, and I'm not sure I really want to bring it to the hospital.  Maybe I should have jumped onto that hexie bandwagon, I'd have a whole quilt's worth done by now, ok, maybe only a small tiny table-topper, about the size of a doily.

I also have a needle-work project with me, but it wasn't the one I wanted to bring, so I may, once the roads clear and I no longer fear driving on them, go to the local quilt/craft store to see what they might have.  I'll post an update about my mom on D.O.O.W. later today.  

As she heals enough to be vocal, she'll likely shoo me away more and I'll have opportunity to sew then, but for now, I'll read about what others are doing.

Remaining hopeful!

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