Monday, December 23, 2013

Mystery Monday Progress

I'll keep it short this Monday morning, shoot, it's almost afternoon here on the west coast!  Well, this is earlier than I usually post, and that's because I have so much to do and am so far behind that I wanted to get it done in order to focus on the deeds that need to be done.  With that, I'm linking up at Quiltville for my Celtic Solstice progress.  Callie was still sleeping so she didn't get into today's picture, naughty girl.

At least on C.S. I'm mostly current.  I need only do 11 more sets for the 4-patches, and all of the final joining seams the other quantity of 4-patches I've done.  I have two completely finished and I did those so that I'd have a photo to share, thus they are identical.

I'm hoping to finish those final seams today, but if it's anything like my having made comments like that in the past, it'll be two or three days before I'm finally done with them.


  1. There's several days before the next clue, so I hope you find some stitching time on one of them.

    Happy Christmas!

  2. I adore that citrus fabric - and thanks so much for sharing your progress.


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