Monday, December 30, 2013


This will be a quick post, probably the last 'quilty' post of 2013....unless I make it back on here tomorrow, lol!

I'm linking up to Quiltville, for my Celtic Solstice progress as well as to Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday.  By the way, how'd we get to Monday already?  So if you clicked on my link at one or the other of those two wonderful sites, you can skip clicking on me at the second one because it'll just be the same post.

Celtic Solstice is all I've worked on this week.  I was able to finish up Step 4 on Friday, the day Bonnie released Step 5, which I also started as soon as Step 4 was done.  I finished Step 5 on Saturday! Yay!! I'm completely caught up on it, and I've had the last couple days to do other year-end stuff, I'll write about that at D.O.O.W.  But for now, here's just a few shots of my latest progress:

Callie showing off her first block.  She looks quite smug.

My bin holding all of the finished components.

One block all by itself.
And now, it's time to go work on dinner and finish the last loads of laundry before my guys head off for a few days to visit Nick's 8-10 hour drive to the east of here.


  1. Congratulations on catching up! I finished my part 5 today, and now I'm hanging out for the next clue.

    Happy new year!


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