Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's Wednesday

Sure seems to be difficult lately for me to pick a title for my posts! "It's Wednesday" is highly creative, no?
Well, last night I was able to finish the star-point units for the Sister's Choice quilt blocks.  Tonight I will press the points open and decide if I want to co-ordinate these units to the 9-Patch units, to some degree, or just let them randomly fit where they will.  

The reds are quite variant and some of them don't play as well as others with some of the 9-Ps so those will be the ones I'll be more attentive to in matching up.

This being Wednesday, I met with my quilt student but I don't think we even mentioned quilting.  We had a shortened time so just sat and chatted.  We won't meet next week because of all the Thanksgiving goings on. 

Her husband will be home all week, so we might get together earlier in the week just for girl-time without the kids.  She has three and our normal times are often interrupted with childrens' questions while they work on their homeschool work.  

One of her daughters is only seven, and really wants to learn to sew, so I said I would be happy to help her do that.  The sweet daughter was so excited today she could hardly sit still. 

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